Does 2

Double Durango Black Ty Affair

Black and White with Blue Eyes

Sire: CH Kaco Yellow Rose Captain GCH + B
(CH AGS Kaapio Acres KK Chief Justice x AGS Dill Pickle Bow Lady Godiva)

Dam: Fairyland Farm Mr Zeeva LA2014
(Failand Farm T Morocco x CH Kaapio Acres Bambi LA2014)

 Gypsy Moon Es Numi

White with Black Cape, Blue Eyes

Sire: Little Tots Estate Ericson *B
 (AGS Ceasars Villa LV Eric +B AR2012/ST2012 x GCH Litttle Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M ST2009/LA2010)

Dam: Gypsy Moon DH Oolong
 (CH Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey *B x CH AGS Proctor Hill Farm BB Charivari)

Baby Numi

 Vista Oaks Frosted Goods

Gold and White with Blue Eyes. She was born during an ice storm, her ears were frostbit so the tips are short and curled. 

Sire: Mini Cedar Creek Billy O Naire (Little Tots Estate Ivory Mist LA2015 x SGM ES Best Kept Secret)

Dam: AGS Duff Acres Cash Flow (AGS Double Durango Tiny Tim x AGS Duff Acres Abigail)


Sycamore SS EC Mercedes Benz

Black and Tan with Swiss White Markings and Blue Eyes

Sire:  Sycamore SS MG Excaliber *B (CH Lost Valley Mardi Gras x Caprakoza AG Confessions 2*M AR2013/ST2013/LA2014)

Dam: Olson Acres CM Pheobe Buffet 2*M AR/2013/ST2012/LA2014 (AGS Lost Valley KW Raising Cain++B ST2014 x GCH Olson Acres Monica 1*M ST2009)

Vista Oaks Posh Lady

Gold and White with Blue Eyes 

Sire: Double Durango Ron Jon (Double Durango Sam-I-Am x GCH Double Durango Mini-Me  1*M)

Dam: Vista Oaks Pish Posh (Poppy Creek Puttin On the Ritz x Mini Cedar Creek Billy O Naire)


Vista Oaks Cinnabon

Tan and White with Brown Eyes

Dam: Double Durango Splash of Class (Rosasharn RS Jitterbug Jack) (Rosasharn GX Ringo Star x Rosasharn AX Princess Lady Bug) X (AL Thunder W Love Song) (Kids Corral TSG Whitman Blue x AGS Kids Corral PT Lyric)

Sire: Double Durango Ron Jon (Double Durango Sam-I-Am) (Rosasharn SP RIP Van Winkle GA +*B X Little Tots Estate Sambuca) X (GCH Double Durango Mini-Me 1*M) (GCH Kaco Yellow Rose Captain S +B X Little Tots Estate Bam Bam)

Vista Oaks Calypso

Tan and White with Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Dam: Double Durango Counting Coins (Rosasharn Struts Bit-A-Sonny) (Rosasharn BBSon of Honey x AGS Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly) X (Double Durango Chit Chat) (Double Durango Buck Belue x Double Durango Bella)

Sire: Rosasharn RS Jitterbug Jack (Rosasharn N GX Ringo Star *B ( Rosasharn's S TL Galaxy +*S E ++B Vee 2005 AGS National Champion(ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S E X ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D x ARMCH Rosasharn Even'star 9*D) X (Rosasharn AX Princess Lady Bug 6*M (Rosasharn AL Astrix (Rosasharn's TL Alaman X Rosasharn's WB B-Trix) x Rosasharn TL Queen Bee 5*D, 5*M VA++82 (ARMCH Rosasharns Tiger L +*S X ARMCH Rosasharn's Honey Bee 4*D, 5*M)

Created by Lacy L Oaks