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All breedings confirmed through BioPryn

Pictured are the bucks with their bred does listed next to them.

Known due dates are listed next to does name. 

If no date is listed they are due between 01/24 - 03/16

Some does will be listed for sale in milk after kidding.

Contact me to be put on wait list for a kid or an adult.

Little Tots Estate Halestorm

  • Duff Acres Cash Flow Freshened 1/25/18 Triplets Doe, Doe, Doe(d.o.a)
  • Pretty Penny Butterscotch Freshened 1/29/18 Triplets Buck, Buck, Doe 
  • Gypsy Moon Es Numi Freshened 1/31/18 Triplets Doe(d.o.a), Doe, Buck
  • Vista Oaks Posh Lady Freshened 1/29/18 Triplets Buck, Buck, Buck
  • Vista Oaks Calypso Freshened 1/26/18 Triplets Doe, Doe, Buck
  • Vista Oaks Black Pearl Freshed 01/28/18 Twins Doe, Doe
  • Vista Oaks Sierra Flint Freshened 1/2919 Single Buck
  • Vista Oaks Fine Design Freshened 1/28/18 Twins Doe, Buck
  • Vista Oaks Coconut Freshened 01/27/18 Single Doe
  • Vista Oaks Fine and Dandy Freshened 1/29/18 Single Buck
  • Double Durango Sushi Freshened 02/18/18 Triplets Doe, Doe, Buck
  • Sycamore SS Mercedes Benz Freshened 02/18/18 Triplets Buck, Buck, Buck

Rosasharn Jitterbug Jack

  • Double Durango Black TY Affair Freshened 1/26/18 Triplets Buck, Buck, Buck 
  • Vista Oaks Frosted Goods Freshened 1/26/18 Single Doe

Kaco Yellow Rose RM Rhythm 

  • Double Durango Counting Coins Freshened 03/06/18 Triplets Doe, Doe, Buck

Vista Oaks Bonafide

  • Vista Oaks Silver Dollar Freshened 02/24/18 Twins Doe, Doe 
  • Vista Oaks Cinnabon Freshened 02/19/18 Twins Buck, Doe
Created by Lacy L Oaks