Bucks of Vista Oaks

Little Tots Estate Halestorm

Black and White with Brown Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Dam: Little Tots Estate Amorpha

(Sire: Kaapio Acres MH Josiah (Rosasharn SP Manuka Honey*B x

CH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Callilily) Dam:Little Tots Estate Carya 2*M 1x Rs Jr Ch (Rosasharn's SS Sequoia  +B x PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl 1*M)

Sire: Little Tots Estate Agave

(Sire: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B (Willow Creek Luzin Streak x Woodhaven Farms Zesta) Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M 1 X RS JR CH, 2 x GR CH SR Doe, 2 x RS GR CH SR Doe (Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend +B x SGCH/ PGCH/MCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M 8 x GCH, 4 x RGCH, 3 x Best Udder)

Dam's Dam's Udder Photo Courtesy of Rusty Repp
Sire's Dam's Udder, photo courtesy of Rusty Repp
Dams FF Udder Photo Courtesy of Rusty Repp
winter woolies


dams photo courtesy Yellow Rose Farm

Vista Oaks Bonafide

Black and White with Moonspots and Blue Eyes

Dam: Double Durango Counting Coins
(Rosasharn Struts Bit-A-Sonny (Rosasharn BBSon of Honey x AGS Rosasharn Tom's Bit-A-Lilly) X(Double Durango Chit Chat (Double Durango Buck Belue x Double Durango Bella)

Sire:*B Cedar View Enrico LA87 V+E Alpha S1 Casein A/B
(+*B Little Tots Estate Babmino 2014 ADGA Nationals 1st Sr. Get of Sire(GCH ++B Buffalo Clover Valentino x GCH AGS Little Tots Estate Bambusa 1*M) X (GCH Little Tots Estate Inula 4*M 2013 ADGA Top Ten (GCH +*B Buttin Heads Red Branch Legend x GCH AGS Rosasharns TL Ukulele 3*M)
dams udder
sire's dam's udder courtesy Cedar View Farm

Double Durango Ron Jon

Tan and white with brown moon spots

Sire - Double Durango Sam-I-Am (Rosasharn SP RIP Van Winkle GA +*B X Little Tots Estate Sambuca)

Dam - GCH Double Durango Mini-Me 1*M (GCH Kaco Yellow Rose Captain S +B X Little Tots Estate Bam Bam)

Ron Jons Dam Photo courtesy of Double Durango Farm
baby ron jon, pic courtesy of Double Durango Farm
Dams FF udder
Dams FF udder

Double Durango Big Spender

blue eyes

Sire    Gypsy Moon Es Maverick

 (Little Tots Estate Ericson *B)(Caesars Villa Lv Eric +B (Caesars Villa Felicias Levi X Caesars Villa Pons Ebony) X GCH Little Tots Estate Acantheus 3*M (Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend +B X GCH SM3 Pines Jurens Sugar Glider 2*M) X Gypsy Moon CM LA Sonadora(CH Rosasharn BB Chocolate Moose (Rosasharn WT B-BO ++B X Rosasharn SP Honey Badger 4*M) X Gypsy Moon Kat VOon D (J-NELS Simba X Rosasharn TL Wadaabi)

Dam - Double Durango Sophie 

(GCH Kaco Yellow Rose Captin S +B, 3X Grand Champion, 3X Reserve Grand Champion, 4X Best of Breed And 3X Best In Show) (CH Kaapio Acers KK Cheif Justice 4X Grand Champion, 2005 National Champion Junior Buck (MCH Rosasharn Toms Keiki Kane X MCH/CH/PGCH Gay-Mor B Lacewings Parsley E 2007 NDGA National Grand Chapion Sr Doe) X Dill Pickle (Bow Lady Godiva )(Rosasharn Toms Bit-A-Willy *S 2X Res Grand Champion X Dill Pickles TM Lady Capulet)   X Little Tots Estate Calico Cody Line Bred PGCH/MCH/GCH SM3Pines Jurens Swell Foop +B

PGCH/MCH/GCH SM3Pines Jurens Swell Foop +B (1x Best In Show) 

(Creek Road Envoy x ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry's Jurassic 2*D) X Little Tots Estate Euphorbia 1*M

(PGCH/MCH/GCH 1x Best In Show SM3Pines Jurens Swell Foop +B x Little Tots Estate Choosy) 


dams udder pic courtesy Double Durango
Baby spender
Created by Lacy L Oaks