Sales Policy

Kid reservations - I take reservations for kidding.  Let me know what you are wanting and I will put you on the reservation list.  When a kid is born I will notify first on the list.  If they pass I will move down the list.  If no deposit is received, they will be listed to the general public.  First to send deposit gets the goat held.  Deposits are non-refundable.  All kids born at Vista Oaks Farm will be raised on bottles.  Kids will be disbudded.  Reserved kids must be picked up by 21 days, most kids are ready to leave by 14 days.  After 21 days there will be a boarding charge of $2.50 per kid per day.  Reserved kids still at the farm after 2 months of age will no longer be considered reserved and will be offered for sale.  All goats must be paid for in full before I will allow them to leave the farm.  All transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  I will be willing to bring purchased goats to shows that I will be attending at no extra charge.

$100 non-refundable deposit holds any goat.  Deposits cannot be transferred from one goat to another.  I accept paypal for deposits.  Only cash will be accepted at time of pick up.  When using paypal send the friends and family way or add 3% if you choose to send other way.

I reserve the right to cancel any reservation for any reason.

All sales are final.

Stress can happen to any goat.  I can only guarantee health up until the goat leaves my farm.  Vista Oaks Farm is NOT responsible for your goats health after they have left the farm.  Vista Oaks Farm is NOT responsible for any vet bills once goat(s) leaves my care.   Show and production cannot be guaranteed.  Deposits can only be refunded or transferred to another kid on kids who suffer a permanent injury or has died before it left the farm.  You can only evaluate the genetic potential until the kid is born, then they can be evaluated to see if they are worthy of carrying our herd name.  Goats are herd animals and don't need to be alone.  I will not sell a single goat, unless it will have a companion at its new home.

If a For Sale doe has been bred, they will NOT be available until after kidding.

 *By entering into purchase you have agreed to the terms of the sales policy*

Created by Lacy L Oaks